Developer Hub 2.0

1NCE introduces a major update to the Developer Hub. This update brings along a reworked structure, new documentation content, more ready to use examples, monthly Dev Hub releases and many more minor improvements. To learn more about the details, click on the header of this post.


API: Connectivity Suite API

With the V1.2 release of the Developer Hub, the new 1NCE Connectivity Suite API was added to the API Explorer Reference. The Connectivity Suite API allows 1NCE customers to control and query the main features of the Suite via API. For more information see the API Explorer and the Connectivity Suite section.


API: New API Explorer UI

With a general small redesign of the Developer Hub, the new API Explorer was introduced. The new API integration offers a more compact and easier to use interface for testing the features of the 1NCE API. Known API Explorer features have been improved and extended. There is no change to the behavior of the actual API, all changes are only cosmetic.


API: Rate Limit Adjustment

To better suite the application cases of 1NCE customers and at the same time protect the 1NCE API backend, the API rate limits have been adjusted. The set values have been determined through analyzing the current behavior of API usage. Based on the analyzed data, the newly adapted rate limits should not impact any current customer API request integration.


API: New Infrastructure

1NCE is continuously growing. With more customers on our network, securing continued stability is mandatory. As of October 25, 2021, changes to the 1NCE API and server backend were introduced to increase the overall performance and security of the Management API. These changes include the DNS record for and additions to the general API behavior.


OpenVPN: Deprecated Client Configuration

The existing OpenVPN configuration file that was available thought the 1NCE Portal was deprecated due to changes brought up by OpenVPN v2.5 and above. Existing configuration files with OpenVPN versions prior to v2.5 will remain working. There is no immediate action to change existing configuration files.


OpenVPN: New Client Configuration

The changes brought up by OpenVPN v2.5 and above, required an adaption to the 1NCE VPN Service client configuration. Through the 1NCE Portal, only the new configuration files are available. The changed files are fully backward compatible and existing configuration files with OpenVPN versions prior to v2.5 will remain working.


Data Streamer: AWS Integrations

The documentation of the AWS Integration setup for both AWS S3 and AWS Kinesis was reworked with a more step by step guide. This describes the process of using the Cloud Formation Template to create an integration with the 1NCE Data Streamer Service in more detail.


Data Streamer: Version 2.0

1NCE introduces Version 2.0 of the Data Streamer Service. All new streams created will behave according to the documented Version 2.0 behavior regarding Event and Usage Record format. Existing V1 data streams were migrated will continue to operate with the same functionality as before. 1NCE recommends to recreate Version 1.0 streams at some point in the near future as only Version 2.0 will receive updates and new features.


Management API: Documentation

The overall documentation of the 1NCE Management API was reworked and a few bugs and inaccuracies were fixed in the update. These changes were only to the documentation of the API, the functionality was not altered.