Tartabit Configuration

To start using the 1NCE OS Cloud Integrator with Tartabit IoT Bridge you first need to create the service in Tartabit side. For that, you would use the HTTP Connector. Starting from the main page of Tartabit IoT Bridge, choose List under Services in the left menu, then New Service and finally complete the form for a HTTP Connector Service Model. Only Service name, key and model are required. Keep the Webhook Secret because it is necessary for creating the integration in 1NCE OS Cloud Integrator.

To finish the configuration in 1NCE OS Portal you can choose one of the two options described below.

Tartabit Integration Configuration via Frontend

Integration Creation

Integration can be created in "Cloud Integrator" tab by choosing "Tartabit".

Tartabit Integration in the Cloud Integrator

Tartabit Integration in the Cloud Integrator

To create a Tartabit Integration you should define an integration name and provide both Webhook Secret and the Server Domain from Tartabit. Further fields that can be specified are:

  • Event Types
  • If you want your non-translated messages to be received in JSON format if parsable
Configuration of a Tartabit Integration

Configuration of a Tartabit Integration

Tartabit Integration Configuration via API

Integration Creation

The partner should be set with "TARTABIT" and there is no need for any headers in the integration. The url should contain the Tartabit IoT Bridge server and the Webhook Secret created in Tartabit side following the pattern: https://<server>/webhook/<webhook_secret>


curl --location --request POST 'https://api.1nce.com/management-api/v1/integrate/clouds/webhooks' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "name": "tartabit-integration",
    "url": "https://bridge-us.tartabit.com/webhook/<WEBHOOK_SECRET>",
    "eventTypes": [{ "type": "TELEMETRY_DATA" }],
    "headers": {},
    "partner": "TARTABIT",
    "jsonPayloadEnabled": true

Integration Edit, Restart or Get endpoints

To edit, restart or get your Tartabit integration via API, you can use the same endpoints you would use for a generic Webhook Integration described in the API Explorer. Important to mention that the Partner type is NOT possible to change after the creation.