Features & Limitations


Data Reception

For using the Data Historian feature of the 1NCE Connectivity Suite, data messages issued from 1NCE SIM devices need to be targeted towards one of the available endpoints. Currently a UDP, CoAP and LwM2M endpoint if offered by the 1NCE Connectivity Suite.

Data Storage

All data measurements received by the endpoints will be routed through the Data Broker and optionally the Translation Service if configured. Afterwards the data will be stored in the Data Historian.

Data Retrieval

Processed and saved data messages in the Data Historian can be retrieved using the user interface in the 1NCE Portal or via the Management API. The web interface allows for easy access to the Data Historian through the Device Management interfaces. From the API the data messages can be queried in an automated way.


Please note that the Data Historian has certain limitations which need to be considered in the individual use cases:

  • Messages older than 7 days are removed automatically.
  • Message payload size can not exceed 2,048 Bytes.
  • Message payload value is saved in string format. Binary values which are not translated with the 1NCE Translation Service are base64 encoded before saving to Data Historian.
  • Querying is possible in a specific device context by using Device ID. A single query for all UDP/CoAP/LwM2M messages across all devices is not possible.
  • Cannot retrieve messages by value