Quectel EC25 & EC21

EC25 & EC21 AT command interface defaults to the GSM character set. EC25 & EC21 modules support
the following character sets:

  • GSM format
  • UCS2
  • IRA

EC25 RAT Configuration

Setup and configure the Quectel EC25 or EC21 for use with 1NCE SIM.

Network Registration:

Network registration is the process by which a cellular device connects to a cellular network and obtains the necessary credentials to access the network's services. This process involves several steps, including network selection, authentication, and registration.


Connect with the EC25 or EC21 to a mobile network, start a data session, and issue an ICMP Ping request.


Send an SMS message from an EC25 or EC21 to the 1NCE SMS Forwarding Service.


Receive SMS messages with a Quectel EC25 or EC21.

TCP Client

Connect to a TCP Server and send/receive data using a Quectel EC25 or EC21.

1NCE OS UDP Protocol