SIM7000G AT command interface defaults to the GSM character set.
Developers could understand and develop applications quickly and efficiently based on these recipes.

SIM7000G RAT Configuration

Setup and configure the Quectel EC25 or EC21 for use with 1NCE SIM.

Network Registration:

Network registration is the process by which a cellular device connects to a cellular network and obtains the necessary credentials to access the network's services. This process involves several steps, including network selection, authentication, and registration.


Connect with the SIM7000G to a mobile network, start a data session, and issue an ICMP Ping request.


Send an SMS message from a sim7000G to the 1NCE SMS Forwarding Service.


Receive SMS messages with a Sim7000G

TCP Client

Connect to a TCP Server and send/receive data using a SIM7000g.

1NCE OS UDP Protocol

1NCE OS CoAP Protocol