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The Access Point Name, short APN, is the name of a gateway between a mobile network, transmitting packet-oriented data traffic, and the 1NCE network. A mobile device making a data connection needs to be configured with an APN to connect to the carrier. The carrier will then examine this identifier to determine what type of network connection should be created, for example: which IP addresses should be assigned to the wireless device or which security methods should be used.
A structured APN consists of two parts:
• The Network Identifier, which defines the external network to which the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is connected. For the 1NCE APN this would be “iot”.
• The Operator Identifier, which defines the specific operator’s packet domain network in which the GGSN is located. For the 1NCE APN this would be “1nce.net”.
According to the APN structure the 1NCE APN is “iot.1nce.net”.

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