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1NCE offers in cooperation with Ubirch the security feature "Blockchain on a SIM" to make securing IoT data affordable, easy and scalable.

Ubirch is the specialist for blockchain-based technology in the field of Internet of Things located in Germany. The team consists of experienced specialists for cryptography, blockchain and data-driven business models.
Consisting of an extremely slim client for sensor firmware and the corresponding cloud backend, Ubirch’s “Blockchain for Things” product enables data protection to military standards and thus offers new business models for the Internet of Things. Innovative cryptography and blockchain technologies guarantee the trustworthiness of IoT data.

Blockchain on a SIM solution in a nutshell:

  • Utilizing a trust protocol, which ensures that data from IoT sensors cannot be falsified after their creation.
  • Data packets of sensors are sealed and chained with strong cryptography so that its technically impossible to manipulate them once stored in a Blockchain.
  • The IoT data is sealed by a private key that sits on the SIM-Card.
  • Micro-certificates are stored in the backend in a so-called Merkle-Tree and anchored in public blockchains, thus creating an immutable and irrefutable record of that sensor.
  • Bidirectional protocol: IoT sensors verify incoming packets for authenticity and integrity, protection against unauthorized commands or unknown sources.

More details on Blockchain technology in the Developer section.

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