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The 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite is an IoT Enablement Platform and as an integrated part of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is free-of-charge for all 1NCE Customers.
We identified three significant challenges customers are facing while ramping up their IoT solutions.

  1. Device security and authentication
    Unsecure device authentication in cloud and platform environments leads to time-consuming setup and drives high complexity to resolve setup challenges.
  2. Data protocol support
    IoT platforms only offer limited support for IoT data protocols (e.g. only MQTT) and no support for low-data IoT protocols (e.g. CoAP).
  3. Device integration and management
    The first setup and configuration of devices require high efforts and are very difficult to handle especially for inexperienced users. Initial training is necessary and is driving cost.

Therefore, the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite is covering all three challenges and provides a true Plug & Play IoT experience.

Connectivity Suite Problem OverviewConnectivity Suite Problem Overview

Connectivity Suite Problem Overview

The 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite consists out of three main areas:


  • Our SIM-as-an-Identity allows a secure and reliable identification of devices based on the existing 1NCE SIM cards. Therefore, customers are able to connect to their own IoT providers (e.g. AWS) and 1NCE will map the identities to the individual IoT Devices using our SIM card securely. This will allow 1NCE a fully automated device onboarding for the AWS IoT Core. More details available in the section “SIM as an Identity”

Data Management

  • Our Data Broker allows customers to use various transport protocols supporting all IoT use cases equally. The 1NCE Data Broker is acting as a mediator between your IoT devices and your Enterprise Application (e.g. Analytics Solution, Mobile App, etc.) to ensure fast and reliable data transformation. More details available in the section 1NCE Data Broker

Auto-Provisioning & Configuration

  • We provide a fully automated device provisioning for the AWS IoT Core where we automate all the required setup steps like Create Thing, Create Policy, Create Credentials and provide all the details to the desired IoT device. 1NCE is providing reference blueprints and IoT device clients to seamlessly update different devices to use the service. More details available in section 1NCE SDK
  • On top of the device provisioning, our Rules Engine allows easy and quick setup of process flows to configure the Data Broker, enrich data with Cellular Connectivity Meta Data, or basic data processing. More details available in section 1NCE Rules Engine

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