On the “Account” tab the user can manage the account and user data as well as changing or adding the billing and delivery addresses.
Please note: Due to legal reasons we can not allow to change the company name or billing country of the billing address. For assistance please contact our support.

Among the field “Customer data” all necessary contact details of the account can be found.
Note that the e-mail address shown here is the one where all invoices are being sent to digitally. An additional e-mail address can be stored which receives the invoices in copy, for example the accounting department. The company name shown is the name set on the invoices as well.
Among the field “User data” the user may find the “login”- credentials for the Customer Portal.

The field “Addresses” allows to store multiple delivery addresses and change the invoice address. The addresses are stored and will appear each time the user orders additional SIM-Cards or Top-Ups.

The panel "Payment Details Auto-Top-Up" allows to save credit card details if you wish to active Auto-Top-Up for single or all SIMs. This can be done via the MySIMs SIM table or the Configuration tab.

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