Connectivity Suite

The 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite is part of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate and fully free-of-charge, but it requires an additional Data Processing Agreement to be checked off by the customer. Therefore the first screen which is shown when navigating to the Connectivity Suite in the Customer Portal is the Agreement Screen where an Owner or Admin of the Account needs to read and check the Data Processing Agreement.

The following screen shows how the page is looking:

Connectivity Suite Licence AgreementConnectivity Suite Licence Agreement

Connectivity Suite Licence Agreement

After Accepting the Agreement the Connectivity Suite will be available for all other Users in the same Customer Organisation without any other checks.

The starting Page contains statistics and insights into the Functions of the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite as well as an Onboarding Tour for new users to get familiar with the platform.

1NCE Connectivity Suite Dashboard1NCE Connectivity Suite Dashboard

1NCE Connectivity Suite Dashboard

The Onboarding Tour can be started when clicking on “Take the Tour” and will guide through all required steps to get started.

Further details of the features contained are shown in the chapter Connectivity Suite below.

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