The tab “My SIMs” provides a detailed overview of all ordered SIMs.

The search option on the top allows the user to search for a certain SIM by IMSI, Label, ICCID or MSISDN. The search supports a partial search as well. In addition to the data and SMS volume the SIM card table can be filtered by the status “Activated” or “Deactivated”.
The SIM card table can be customised by hiding each column which is not needed by using the "Adjust columns" function on the right top of the table. Also more SIM cards can be viewed and selected by adjusting the “Show per page” dropdown in the left top. All columns (except the Session) in the SIM table are sortable by clicking on the headline of the column. By default the table is sorted by ICCID.
By selecting one or several SIMs the user can also perform different actions like deactivating / activating SIMs, setting IMEI locks or Top-Up - meaning reloading data and SMS volume.

The complete (customised) SIM card table can of course be exported to a csv.-file if needed. Just hit the "Export SIMs" button. If you wish to see only certain columns in the SIM export, just go to "Adjust columns" and the export will only include the selected columns. Because it might take some time to export a larger list of SIMs, the user gets an e-mail notification as soon as the export is completed and can be downloaded from the "SIM Export" section underneath the SIM card table.
IMPORTANT: This export also includes the PIN and PUK of each SIM which might be needed for certain devices.

Of course additional SIM can be ordered from here as well with the "Reorder" button on the right top of the table.

SIM Details

By clicking on one of the SIMs a comprehensive view of all the details pops up. In the first column the ICCID, IMSI, MSISDN and LABEL is shown. The MSISDN is also the phone number of the SIM. The LABEL field is editable and can help to assort the SIMs. The second column presents all Lifetime data like time passed in %, the time left and the end date of the contract. The third column on the right shows all relevant network data, like the static IP-address, the IMEI of the connected device, the session-status, location of the device, the operator and the network bearer the SIM currently is attached to.
In the lower part of this section you get a detailed log of “Events” and “Usage” in chronological order. The sub-item “SMS” provides the option to send a MT SMS to this SIM directly from the Customer Portal.
Furthermore, the user may find the option to activate and deactivate the IMEI Lock for a specific SIM card. The next time a connection is established, the IMEI of the current device is set on the corresponding SIM so that it can only be used in conjunction with this device.
In addition, the customer is enabled to deactivate or activate a specific SIM, reset the connection and purchase a Top-Up (additional data or SMS volume).
It is also possible to activate Auto-Top-Up for a single SIM if credit card details have been saved in the "Account" tab.

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