Data Streamer Version 2.0

1NCE has provided an update to the Data Streamer. As of 07.09.2021, newly created streams will feature a slightly different JSON format. Furthermore, during the creation of new stream integrations, the available options have changed and a few new features have been added. For more details about the changes and settings see the Developer Hub.

Existing Data Streamer integrations are not affected, as the changes are only present for newly created streams.

1NCE offers a service called “Data Streams”. The Data Stream service allows to subscribe to real-time Event and Usage Data for all SIM Cards by pushing data directly to the customer server or an already integrated cloud service such as AWS Kinesis, DataDog or Keen.io. In total up to ten different Data Streams can be configured per account.
The technical details on integrating the different data Streamer and cloud systems can be found in the Developer section.
In the following chapter, the setup and configuration in the Connectivity Management Portal is shown.

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