Open VPN is the recommended application setup by 1NCE to establish a secure data connection between the 1NCE network and the customers server.

Therefore, the OpenVPN client needs to be installed on the customer server (aka application server) to which the data of the device shall be transmitted. The OpenVPN connection to the 1NCE network is established by the OpenVPN client, that can be downloaded via the 1NCE customer portal. There are two different versions for Windows and for Linux/MacOS available.
After the network connection and the OpenVPN connections have been established, you may check the connection with a Ping:

SIM-> Server
From the device execute a PING to the OpenVPN client’s address (e.g. 10.x.x.x; the IP is always the same for the customer).

Server-> SIM
From your server execute a PING to the IP address of your device. It is a private IPv4 address which has been assigned by the 1NCE network when the mobile connection is established (e.g. 100.x.x.x; the IP address is always the same for one SIM).

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