Using the API

Customised API usage

Using the Application Programming Interface (hereinafter referred to as "API") SIM Cards can also be administered directly via web services. The 1NCE API allows users to automatically receive information about the customer’s SIM Cards without using the Customer Portal since it enables the integration of all relevant SMS functions into the customer’s own software environment.
You can get started with the 1NCE API with the (API Guide).

Afterwards, you can try the different SMS requests our API offers:

  • Get the list of SMS sent and received by a dedicated SIM Card
  • Submit SMS to specified SIM Card with a message you require
  • Get details about specific SMS like status, message, time of delivery, etc.
  • Cancel SMS that is buffered for Chip Card and not yet delivered


The usage of 1NCE REST API via your external system demands for an authentication first. Therefore, the authentication via OAuth2 is required.

For further details on Authentication and API usage please visit the API Reference in the Developer section.

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