Using the Portal

The My SIMs tab

The “My SIMs” view gives a detailed overview of all SIM Cards. This overview can also be entered with the displayed SIM Cards already filtered according to the volume used by hitting one of the “VIEW”-buttons on the Dashboard.
For each SIM Card, details of activation status, IMSI, ICCID and MSISDN number as well as label and data consumption status can be seen.

From an administrative perspective you can deactivate/activate every single SIM Card. For the purpose of checking the functionality of your SIM Card you can rest the connection to force your device to redial in to the mobile network.
You can also manage the IMEI Lock setting for one or more SIMs.
The view of the table of your SIMs can be personalised according to your needs.

Detailed SIM view

By clicking on one of the SIM cards in the table overview a detailed view opens with information of
• ICCID / IMSI / MSISDN / Name of the SIM Card (editable)
• Lifetime / Time passed / Time left / End date
• IP-Address / IMEI / Session status / Location / Network
An event list of the SIM Card is shown as well as a chronological view on the events of that specific SIM Card.
On the “SMS” tab in the lower part of this detailed view you can send a SMS (MT) directly out from the 1NCE Customer Portal to the application device. You also have a detailed overview of all SMS sent from a specific SIM Card directly underneath this function.

The according answer from your device (MO SMS) on your MT SMS is shown in this overview as well.

SMS Forwarding

When clicking on the “Configuration” tab in the 1NCE Customer Portal the function "SMS Forwarding Configuration" can be found. The SMS Forwarding function allows for sending / forwarding MO SMS to a device or server of your choice. Therefore, you need to insert the URL of the server which shall receive the SMS and the forwarding functionality is activated automatically.

Further necessary details on configuration of SMS forwarding can be found in the Developer section

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