Developer Hub 2.0

1NCE introduces a major update to the Developer Hub. This update brings along a reworked structure, new documentation content, more ready to use examples, monthly Dev Hub releases and many more minor improvements. To learn more about the details, click on the header of this post.

As part of the restructuring, the once separate Starting Guide has been merged into the Developer Hub. This now provides one common place for all the documentation content for the 1NCE services. The overall reworked structure separates the different products and services from 1NCE clearer. Along side the structure changes, the contents have been reworked and additional references, figures and examples have been embedded.

We are far from done here...
As we at 1NCE continue to expand the services, the documentation and ready-to-use examples will continue to scale and provide an easy entry into the 1NCE IoT connectivity eco system.