API: New API Explorer UI

With a general small redesign of the Developer Hub, the new API Explorer was introduced. The new API integration offers a more compact and easier to use interface for testing the features of the 1NCE API. Known API Explorer features have been improved and extended. There is no change to the behavior of the actual API, all changes are only cosmetic.

Shown below is a preview of the new API Explorer. It offers a compact tool for testing the 1NCE API Reference.


Preview of the OAuth API Explorer page with the updated design.

An important new feature is the Response Header field which will be shown for executed requests. These header values are offer ID values the 1NCE Support Team can use troubleshoot the specific request. Please include these if you open a service ticket towards 1NCE.
Another highlight is the Request History, which allows to keep track of already executed queries and easily rerun them again. This transforms the API Explorer into a powerful tool for 1NCE API testing.