Welcome to the API

Getting to know the 1NCE API.


Download YAML Files

To download the latest OpenAPI files for the 1NCE API please visit: https://help.1nce.com/dev-hub/openapi.


'Try Out' Feature

Please note that the 'Try Out' function can be used only with a valid 1NCE customer account. All queries are made towards the customer account. Be careful with trying out features like orders, top ups, etc. as these API calls will trigger the actual process.

Welcome to the 1NCE API documentation. This documentation covers the in and outs of the API for managing, controlling, and monitoring the 1NCE SIM cards and the related services. This guide is divided into chapters, which group individual, logical topics together.
As the 1NCE API requires the users to authorize in order to use the interface, we strongly suggest to start reading the authorization chapters first.

The API is structured into different categories:

  • Authorization
  • SIM Management
  • Order Management
  • Product Information
  • Support Management
  • 1NCE OS

These groups are created according to the features of the 1NCE products.

Besides, documenting the functionality of the possible API requests, this guide offers the opportunity for existing customers to try out the calls with their personal 1NCE account. As an additional feature, the guide offers ready-to-use code snippets for each query in a wide variety of programming languages. These samples ease the transition from testing out the API to integrating the interfaces into an automated production environment.

If there are any issues or questions regarding the 1NCE services, feel free to contact our technical support (1NCE Contact). In case of unclear information or improvement requests, feel free to suggest an edit to the specific page by clicking on the Suggest Edit button. We are thankful for suggestions and feedback from our customers as we continue to improve and develop our services.