The “Configuration” tab offers several topics you might need to configure your SIMs.

Network settings

The “Network settings” contain the basic information to get the SIM Cards connected to the 1NCE network. The 1NCE APN needs to be set in the very first step to set up a connection to the network. The SMSC is needed to aim all MO SMS in the network. The IP address shows the Network IP and subnet mask required for the routing using a VPN application. This IP is static and available for the amount of 1022 SIMs. As soon as this amount is exceeded an additional IP will be automatically set by the 1NCE network and shown underneath the first one. All the shown IPs need to be set in the VPN application as well.

Monthly Limits

With the “Monthly Limits” a customer can set a monthly individual limit of e.g. 50 MB data volume or 10 SMS regardless of the SMS type (MT or MO). These limits will be applied to all SIMs of a customer. With checking or unchecking the boxes these options can be set or cancelled easily at any time.


A global "IMEI Lock" can be set for all SIM cards of the account. If this service is activated, the IMEI lock will be set for all cards of the customer at the first or the next network attach, whereby the card can only be used with the current device. For future orders the check box can be selected. This way newly ordered SIMs will have the IMEI Lock set automatically.
A separate IMEI lock for individual cards of the account can be set either via the API or the "My SIMs" tab.


Automatic Top-Ups can be configured for all SIMs here. The Top-Up will be automatically booked once a SIM card has <20 % data and/or SMS volume. To use this feature please add your credit card details under "Account". Via the check-box it is possible to activate the Auto-Top-Up for all future SIM orders by default.

The Auto-Top-Up can also be individually activated/deactivated for a single SIM card via the Management API or the tab "My SIMs" and the SIM-Detail page.

Data Streams

The “Data Streams” service allows the user to subscribe to real-time Event and Usage Data for all SIM Cards by pushing data directly to the customer server or an already integrated cloud service such as AWS Kinesis, S3, DataDog or Currently the Data Stream service allows for two individual streams (Usage Data and Events). More details

SMS Forwarding Configuration

The “SMS Forwarding Configuration” allows for sending MO SMS. Therefore, the customer needs to insert the URL of the server, which shall receive the SMS.
Further necessary details on configuration of SMS forwarding can be found in the Developer section

OpenVPN Configuration

The “OpenVPN Configuration” provides a short introduction to setting up a VPN client.
Open VPN is the recommended application setup by 1NCE to establish a secure data connection between the 1NCE network and the customer’s server.
Therefore, the OpenVPN client needs to be installed on the customer server (aka application server) to which the data of the device shall be transmitted. The OpenVPN connection to the 1NCE network is established by the OpenVPN client, that can be downloaded in this section of the 1NCE Customer Portal. There are two different versions for Windows and for Linux/MacOS available.
More Details on OpenVPN

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