SMS Services

An introduction of the 1NCE SMS Services.

In the world of IoT devices, the Short Message Service (SMS) has still an important role in basic communication with connected devices. The 1NCE SMS Service provides capabilities to send and receive messages with a 1NCE SIM.
From the perspective of a device, the 1NCE SMS Service provides the typical sending and receiving possibilities. However, some additional features and limitations for the specific IoT application need to be taken into consideration. In the following sections of this guide, a basic introduction to the features, limitations, terminology, and detailed applications of the SMS service is provided.

The Features & Limitations offer a good starting point to understand the possibilities with the 1NCE SMS Service. Afterward, the individual application sections provide an in-depth insight into the implementation of the SMS features for Mobile Terminated SMS and Mobile Originated SMS as well as the SMS Forwarding Service and SMS Monitoring.

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