Data Services

An introduction of the 1NCE SIM Data Services.

Schematic overview of the 1NCE data service network structue.

The fundamental concept of IoT connectivity refers to millions of devices being connected to the internet and the device capabilities to exchange data packets with other connected services. With a 1NCE SIM, devices can talk to any internet service with a wide variety of data protocols and use this free connectivity to their advantage. Additional features offered by the 1NCE data services provide increased security and usability, but minor limitations for the specific IoT application need to be taken into consideration. In the following sections of this guide, a basic introduction to the features, limitations, terminology, and detailed applications of the data service is provided.

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As an overview, a good starting point is the Features & Limitations section to get a better understanding of the possibilities with the 1NCE data service. After mastering these sections, the individual application sections provide an in-depth insight into the setup and implementation of the data service-related features such as APN Setup, Data Monitoring, and general information about the Data Volume.