Data Monitoring

Monitoring the 1NCE Data Service.

When monitoring the data service offered by the 1NCE SIM connectivity, there is more to explore than just tracking the usage volume. Through different means of the Connectivity Management Platform, data streamer and 1NCE API, the usage volume, data session connection state and device connectivity can be monitored. In the following sections, the capabilities and benefits of each available interface is presented.

Connectivity Management Platform

The customer management portal is a ready-to-use interface for monitoring all 1NCE services. The current status of the data session (PDP context), the overall volume usage, and status messages can be viewed for each SIM. Event records from the data streamer are listed in the web interface. This provides an overview of the state of the 1NCE SIM. The online Connectivity Management Platform offers a starting point for non-automated monitoring of small batches of SIM or fast debugging of connections. This platform offers no integration possibilities and the logging data is deleted after seven days due to the data retention policy. For more details on how to use the Connectivity Management Platform, please refer to the getting started guide.

Data Streamer

The Data Streamer delivers a stream of the event and/or usage records via a wide selection of cloud connectivity applications. The main application case is long-term, automated monitoring of large amount of connected SIM. For the data service, usage volume and event records are part of the stream. Usage records are generated at regular intervals and the end of a data session. The event records show the general connectivity of the device to the mobile network and the creation and deletion of a data session. In the events warnings and errors from the network core are included to ease debugging possibilities. More details are covered in the Data Streamer of this guide.

Management API

The management API is a powerful tool for querying certain information parameters on demand. An example for the data service is accumulated volume usage records for each SIM card on different time scales. The data usage limits can be requested and set via the API. Furthermore, the current state of the overall available volume and used quota can be queried, and if needed volume top-ups initiated. Please note that certain data will be retained only a fixed amount of time due to the data retention policy. The 1NCE API is ideal for requesting specific information on demand. It is not recommended to use this interface for large, automated queries regularly, please use the data streaming service for this kind of automation. Details about the API can be found in the API guide section of the documentation.

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