Historian Web Interface

To see the Data Historian in the 1NCE OS, open the Device Inspector and select a device.

The device History is presented like this chart:


Device History screen for the last day.

On the horizontal axis, we can see the dates or hours, depending on if we selected the last day or the last 7 days. On the vertical axis, there is the total message amount per day/hour. The bars are split into multiple colored sections. Each section represents message count by a specific source protocol (UDP, CoAP, or LwM2M). The user can toggle protocols shown by clicking on the protocol labels under the chart.

In the picture above we have the last 1 day selected. At 11 AM, there were 3 CoAP messages and 4 LwM2M messages sent by this device. To see the message payload details, click on the colored bar. In the picture above, we clicked on the last green bar representing the UDP source. It’s the only UDP message that was sent at 3:45:57 PM and its payload is visible and can be quickly copied by clicking on the button. In case of multiple messages, we can circle through individual payloads by clicking the “Previous“ and ”Next” buttons.
Messages will be displayed in plain text if the user has enabled the energy saver feature with a valid template to turn base64 messages into plain text messages, otherwise all messages will appear as base64.

As mentioned, we can see the messages statistics of the last 7 days as well when we change the period selector above the chart:


Device History screen for last 7 days.