Mobile Network Services

Connecting IoT devices through global Mobile Networks.

Schematic overview of the 1NCE network structure.

1NCE is not just another Internet of Things (IoT) Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). In a unique way, 1NCE enhances the capabilities of a full MVNO with the power and quality of Tier-1 mobile networks. Our network capabilities exceed those of traditional MVNOs because we have a direct interface to Radio Access Networks of Tier-1 operators which enable us to control and manage the IoT traffic directly and more eminently. Additionally, we utilize essential network assets of our Mobile Network Operator (MNO) roaming partners to guarantee long-term stability and security of our network services to customers.

The Network of 1NCE comprises of both a lean virtualized and a cloud based core network as well as a streamlined and full-automatized business support system. All included network elements as well as the feature set of the platform have been developed with a clear focus on IoT. All functions and features are fully automatized for maximum scale and ease of use.

The Mobile Network Services chapters focus on all features and parts around the general mobile network connectivity.