SMS Forwarder Service

Automating the Reception of the SMS Service.

Schematic diagram of the structure of the SMS Forwarder Service.

As a counter part for Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS messages which are received by a mobile connected device, the 1NCE SMS Forwarding Services provides an interface for receiving Mobile Originated (MO) SMS messages. While MO-SMS can be viewed in the 1NCE Portal, it is cumbersome to use for large batches of SIM devices and can not be used for automation.

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The Forwarding Services provides HTTP Post/Patch messages for all SIM devices of an organization using the SMS Service. With the SMS Forwarding Server, MO-SMS messages and Delivery Reports (DLR) for MT-SMS are forwarded to a customer-specified HTTP endpoint as JSON objects. This chapter covers the basic working principle of the SMS Forwarding Service, the message events and a short setup guide to get the forwarder working in a practical use case.