Features & Limitations


The IoT Devices are located by using the cell id of the current tower when creating a new PDP Context/Session used for data transmission. In case the location cannot be determined, the update is skipped and a retry will be done in the next PDP Context/Session.

Using the API, the location of a certain IoT device can be queried using https://api.1nce.com/management-api/v1/locate/devices/{deviceId}/positions. The DeviceId is equal to the ICCID.


  • At this moment the cell-tower location only works with 2G and not all locations may be resolved.
  • After activating the location setting it can take up to 24 hours before the first location will be available.
  • To view the location on the map you have to switch to the Device Inspector in the 1NCE OS Portal.
  • To try geofencing please contact us.