Features & Limitations

A look into what the 1NCE Data Streamer can and cannot do.

In this section, a high-level overview of the features and limitations of the 1NCE Data Streamer Services is provided. Key features and use cases for monitoring 1NCE SIMs with a data streaming setup as well as the limitations of this service are pointed out.


Event and Usage Monitoring

With the 1NCE Data Streamer Service, customers can get live-streamed Event and Usage Records for their 1NCE SIM cards. This allows 1NCE customers to monitor the current connectivity status of each SIM individually in near real-time. The Usage Records provide additional insight into the data and SMS volume usage patterns of the connected IoT devices. The data streamer helps 1NCE customers to keep an eye on the IoT connectivity of their devices with a 1NCE SIM card.

Multi-Target Streaming

The 1NCE Data Streamer Service allows configuring multiple target applications for the same streamed data. This allows the customer to integrate both the Event and Usage Records into multiple data analytics and monitoring systems at once. Each configured receiver will get the latest updates pushed. The individual streams can be configured in the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). In the CMP, individual data streams can be paused/resumed, and deleted.

Data Analytics Platforms

The usage and event stream can be integrated into the most commonly used platforms for data analytics and monitoring. 1NCE provides ready to use integrations for some selected 3rd party platforms. Currently the 1NCE Data Streamer supports the following integrations options:

Custom API Endpoint

In addition to the ready to use 3rd party integrations, 1NCE offers the possibility to integrate an own HTTP POST Endpoint which can be configured to receive the records from the data streamer. Customers can use this integration to include the 1NCE Data Streamer Service into their application or monitoring system of choice.

The setup for the individual integrations can be found in the Setup Guides for the Data Streamer Service.

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