After logging in to the 1NCE Customer Portal the first site on view will be the Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives a general overview of the current data and SMS consumption of the ordered SIMs. It shows a comprehensive picture of all ordered SIMs with regard to their all over data usage as well as the SMS usage of the last eight weeks. All SIM cards are classified into three groups:

  1. Those with sufficient data/SMS, meaning of a volume between 20% to 100%
  2. With low data/SMS, showing a remaining volume below 20%
  3. And those that ran out of volume.
    By clicking on the descriptions next to the circle graph, the user is lead directly to the MySIMs tab filtering the selected SIM cards. With the detailed view on the “MySIMs” tab you can go into more detail for each SIM.
    The Dashboard also includes a status view of recent orders as well as the option of reordering directly out of his account.

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