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On the tab “Organisation” a 1NCE customer can create new sub-organisations directly in the Customer Portal.

This feature enables a customer to create independent organisations, e.g., for their subsidiary or sub-contractor.
Creating a new organisation requires the Role “Owner” or “Admin”. After creating a new organisation, the new owner is being notified and asked to set up their password via e-mail, so that they can access the customer portal. Please Note: The process of creating a Sub-Organisation will not be finalized before the new owner has set his password.
All known features are active in the new organisation.
An order of SIM cards can be placed in the new organisation by using the “Reorder” Button on the dashboard and go through the regular ordering process.
Alternatively, the Master Organisation can order the SIM cards and transfer them to the sub-organisation afterwards.

As Master Organisation you can see the total number of SIMs ordered by each organisation, but without having direct access unless a dedicated account has been created by the sub-org entity.

With having Sub-Organisations created, the Organisation-tab also offers to transfer SIMs from your Master Organisation and the other way around. A transfer from sub- to sub-organisation is not possible. You can transfer just one single SIM, a range of SIMs, or several ranges of SIMs.

If you chose to transfer several ranges, here are some helpful tips to make it work:

  • The file with the ranges can either be .CSV or .TXT
  • If you want to list a single ICCID you can do this in the file by using the ICCID as Start- and End Range like “ICCID1;ICCID1”
  • Do not list any ICCID twice in the file (e.g. if one line states “ICCID1;ICCID3” then another line like “ICCID2;ICCID4” or “ICCID1;ICCID4” would result in an error)
  • Do not put a semicolon on the end of each line (only between start- and end-range)
  • You do not have to use quotation marks at all (but you can)
  • Make sure there are no empty lines in the file e.g. at the end

Example Structure:


Sub-organisation can also be deleted directly from the Portal. For deleting an organisation please click on the respective org and click "delete". Please keep in mind that an org can only be deleted after it is fully created and if the org has no SIMs or open workflows running (e.g. open invoices or open SIM actions).

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