Webhook Service

Schematic overview of Webhook Service.

The webhook service allows to create, manage and use 1NCE webhooks. The webhooks provide the possibility for a customer to forward data from 1NCE services to customer-defined HTTPS endpoints with real-time information. Forwarded data depends on the selected event type.

Event Types

Data Broker

Whenever a message (UDP, CoAP or LwM2M) from a device is being sent to the 1NCE Connectivity Suite endpoint(s) the message is being forwarded to the customers webhook.

  • LwM2M messages are forwarded to customer's webhooks.
  • Traversed UDP and CoAP messages will be forwarded to customer's webhooks. This means that the forwarded message content depends on the Translation Service status for the specific protocol. If Translation Service is not enabled, then message will be forwarded directly, but if it is enabled, then processed (translated) message will be forwarded.