Managing Devices

Device Management allows management and basic analytics on your devices. As part of the first Release, a limited amount of actions are available which can be performed. Each device is listed on the Device Management and can be viewed separately.


Device Management List overview in the 1NCE Portal.

Viewing the Device State

Within Device Management, a specific device and its current state can be viewed. The state is a digital representation from the device which can even be viewed if the device is offline.


Device State of an individual SIM device showing the last received message.

In the device state tab, all our currently supported protocols can be viewed individually for the current state of this device. Next to viewing the device state, it is also possible to extract the state by making use of the copy button, this will then copy the information to your clipboard.


CoAP Protocol

For the CoAP protocol state, also the used topic will be shown.


Translation Service (UDP/CoAP)

Please note that states/payloads that were not translated by the 1NCE Translation Service, for UDP and CoAP, will be shown as a Base64 Encoded string.