Data Streamer Service

Live Event and Usage Feed for 1NCE SIMs.

Schematic diagram of the Data Streamer Service structure.

Access to the SIM status, events, and usage data is a key factor when it comes to monitoring and debugging IoT-focused systems. This type of data could be queried from the 1NCE API, but this generates a lot of undesired overhead traffic and load.

The ideal solution for getting 1NCE SIM-related event and usage data as a stream is the 1NCE Data Streamer Service. The Data Streamer Service allows subscribing to real-time Event and Usage Records for all SIM cards. Incoming information is pushed directly to a customer-specified server endpoint with the Rest API integration or an already integrated cloud service such as AWS S3, Kinesis, DataDog,, etc.

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In this chapter of the Developer Hub Guide, the Features of the Data Streamer, as well as the Setup possibilities and an overview of the Event and Usage Records are shown.