Features & Limitations

A look into what the 1NCE Rules Engine Service can and cannot do.


The Rules Engine as part of the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite allows customers seamless management of all settings and flawless configuration in the existing 1NCE Customer Portal.
The Rules Engine combines all administration tasks which need to be done one-time or updated. Possible configurations include:

DashboardProviding a simple overview of the Status of the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite and Onboarding Guides
Rules EngineCreating and managing Actions to process data and connect with available Backend Applications
Account ConnectionManaging Cloud Platform connections and SaaS Applications to deliver data and act as identity providers for the Onboarding Service
DownloadsOverview of 1NCE provided software, SDK and Device Blueprints for use by the customer
DocumentationLink to the 1NCE Documentation Page on the 1NCE Website


The 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite is part of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate and fully free-of-charge, but it requires an additional Data Processing Agreement to be checked off by the customer. Therefore the first screen which is shown when navigating to the Connectivity Suite in the Customer Portal is the Agreement Screen where an Owner or Admin of the Account needs to read and check the Data Processing Agreement.

Navigate to https://1nce.readme.io/docs/connectivity-suite to see how the page is looking.

After Accepting the Agreement the Connectivity Suite will be available for all other Users in the same Customer Organization without any other checks.
The starting Page contains statistics and insights into the Functions of the 1NCE IoT Connectivity suite as well as an Onboarding Tour for new users to get familiar with the platform.
The Onboarding Tour can be started when clicking on “Take the Tour” and will guide you through all required steps to getting started.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine allows the creation of different Actions to manage data flows. As part of the first Release, a limited amount of Actions are available which can be activated and take effect for the whole Customer Organization. Each Action is listed in the Rules Engine and shows the Current Status.
The Rules Engine will get more active over time in order to support various processing steps for the data and be able to integrate into further Cloud Platforms as well as SaaS Solutions.
Detailed description of this tab can be found here: Managing Rules

Account Connection

The Account Connection pages enable Customers to connect new Cloud Platforms to the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Page. Added an AWS Account is the first step to get started when using the Connectivity Suite. Securely connecting an AWS Account is simple and leverages an AWS CloudFormation Template to automatically set up all required resources and the cross-account connection to the 1NCE AWS Account. First, the name of the account needs to be added to be able to reference the connected account again. After naming the Account press “Connect” to start the connection process.

For ensuring the connection is desired a pop-up will ask for the confirmation and when clicking “Proceed” the AWS Console will open in a new Tag. Before clicking “Proceed” you should already be logged into AWS in the same Browser Session to allow a seamless forwarding.

After clicking “Proceed” the following page will open in a new tab showing the AWS Console with all Parameters prefilled. Proceed by clicking “Next” on the bottom right:


Additional optional configurations for the CloudFormation template will be shown. No changes are necessary but adding Tags or other Notifications are possible. Continue to the last page by clicking “Next” on the bottom right:


On the last Screen of the CloudFormation Stack, you will be asked to acknowledge that the AWS CloudFormation Template might create an IAM resource. All details on the Stack and the full code which is executed in the customer AWS Account is available on GitHub here https://github.com/1NCE-GmbH/customer-cloudformation-stack - Connect to preview. Customers are able to check all the resources created by the Template also during the creation when the rollout out is finalized. Start the execution and connection by clicking “Create stack” on the bottom right of the page. After that customers can head back to the 1NCE Customer Portal. The connection will take a few minutes until fully done.


On the Account Connection page, you can use the “Refresh List” page to check the status of the connection. Sometimes it can take multiple minutes until fully done therefore allow up to 10 minutes until retrying again. As soon as the connection is successful you will see a new Account in the list with the label “new”.

AWS Accounts can also be added via the CLI for more advanced users. The required AWS CLI command is shown in the Portal when selecting “via CLI”. Please enter a name for the account first and then copy and execute the provided command via an active AWS CLI session. A connected account will show up in the Account list after a few minutes.

All “Connected” Accounts are ready for further usage in the Rules Engine and the main Account with the Connection Type “Full integration” will be used to onboard all SIMs when successfully connected.


The Downloads Page contains all available Resources a customer can use on his IoT Device or for manually connecting an AWS Account. Each listed Download has a small Description available and will link to the download itself. As seen in the Screenshot below the Downloads also contain the Device Blueprints or SDKs available for customers.


The Documentation page will link to our 1NCE Help Center on our Website to provide more in-depth documentation and details.