Features & Limitations


Future Development

We are constantly working on adding new features to the Webhook service. Once released, new features will be listed here.


  • Receiving LwM2M messages to clients endpoint.
  • Receiving traversed UDP and CoAP messages to clients endpoint.
  • There will be totally 5 attempts to send the message via webhook with an exponential retry policy (150s, 180s, 420s, 1020s).
  • Test webhooks by sending a dummy message to the client endpoint using the webhook service.


  • Only HTTPS POST endpoints are currently supported. Endpoint should respond with 2xx HTTP status code.
  • Data is being sent only in JSON format.
  • Customer's endpoint should respond within 20s.
  • Only 10 webhooks are supported per customer.
  • Same customer's endpoint URL cannot be set to multiple webhooks simultaneously.
  • Webhook will be set to state failed after 5 unsuccessful message attempts. In such case an incident will be created under incidents tab. If needed the webhook can be restarted manually.
  • Endpoints with self-signed certificate are not supported currently.